Course Outline

Lectures (5 half days) and online experiments and demonstrations in the laboratory (3 half days) will run from 8:30 to 12:30 from Monday to Thursday and in the afternoon from 13:30 from Monday to Thursday, respectively. All presentations will be given in English.

Optional the book 'Particle Image Velocimetry - A practical guide (3rd Edition)' (published by Springer, 2018) and the USB-stick of proceedings of the PIV'19 symposium will be distributed to the participants after payment.

Registration will be possible online starting mid of October 2020.

Monday, March 15, 2021 (08:30-16:30)

  • Welcome by Dr. Lars Koop, Head of Department of Experimental Methods, Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology
  • Principles of PIV technique: Flow tracing by particle imaging, light scattering, recording and analysis of PIV images
  • Application of PIV technique: Considerations for design of PIV systems, PIV systems for wind tunnels
  • Principles: Statistics of PIV images

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 (08:30-16:45)

  • Application: Digital PIV, video recording, CCD/CMOS sensors 
  • Principles: Theoretical aspects of evaluation of digital PIV recordings, cross-correlation, image deformation, peak detection, evaluation of stereoscopic PIV recordings 
  • Application: Practical aspects of evaluation of digital PIV recordings, measurement uncertainties, combined PIV/LIF 
  • Application: Multiplane Stereo-, Micro- and Time Resolved PIV, PIV for multiphase flows, vector field operators, data analysis and presentation
  • PIV in industrial applications

Wednesday, March 17, 2021(08:30-16:30)

  • Principles: Advanced techniques, optical principles of stereoscopic, tomo- and holographic methods, 3D-PTV methods, data validation  
  • Principles: 3D STB LPT for TR-, 4-pulse- and 2-pulse-STB, IPR, VSC, OTF, TrackFit, FlowFit data assimilation
  • Applications: STB and bin-averaging, STB in fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, FlowFit and 3D pressure, VGT, Vortex criteria, dissipation rate 
  • Online-Practices I

Thursday, March 18, 2021 (08:30-17:45)

  • Online-Practices II
  • Technical session - Presentation of PIV/LPT system components
  • Online-Practices III
  • Future Aspects and final discussion


  • Optics: imaging, Laser illumination and light-sheet optics,  density measurements (Background oriented Schlieren - BOS)
  • Image capture in wind tunnel: seeding, Laser, illumination optics, triggering, CMOS recording, optical distortions, Time Resolved Stereo PIV
  • Image capture for large scale air flows: pulsed LEDs, CCD/sCMOS cameras recording, Helium-Filled-Soap-Bubbles, Shake-The-Box
  • Evaluation and post-processing: cross-correlation methods, data validation, data analysis and presentation
  • PIV/LPT related techniques: high-speed video systems, sequencer technique