Course Outline

Lectures (4 half days) and experiments and demonstrations in the laboratory (5 half days) will run from 8:30 to 12:30 from Monday to Friday and in the afternoon from 13:30 to 17:00 from Monday to Thursday, respectively. All presentations will be given in English.

The book 'Particle Image Velocimetry - A practical guide (3rd Edition)' (published by Springer, 2018) and an USB-stick of the proceedings of the International Symposium of PIV'21 will be distributed to the participants after payment.

Registration will be possible online starting begin of November 2022.

Monday, March 20, 2023 (08:30-17:30)

  • Welcome by Dr. Lars Koop, Head of Department of Experimental Methods, Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology
  • Principles of PIV technique: Flow tracing by particle imaging, light scattering, recording and analysis of PIV images
  • Application of PIV technique: Considerations for design of PIV systems, PIV systems for wind tunnels
  • Principles: Statistics of PIV images

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 (08:30-17:00)

  • Application: Digital PIV, video recording, CCD/CMOS sensors 
  • Principles: Theoretical aspects of evaluation of digital PIV recordings, cross-correlation, image deformation, peak detection, evaluation of stereoscopic PIV recordings 
  • Application: Practical aspects of evaluation of digital PIV recordings, measurement uncertainties, combined PIV/LIF 
  • Application: Multiplane Stereo-, Micro- and Time Resolved PIV, PIV for multiphase flows, vector field operators, data analysis and presentation
  • PIV in industrial applications
  • Practices I

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 (08:30-17:00)

  • Principles: Advanced techniques, optical principles of stereoscopic, tomo- and holographic methods, 3D-PTV methods, data validation  
  • Principles: 3D STB LPT for TR-, 4-pulse- and 2-pulse-STB, IPR, VSC, OTF, TrackFit, FlowFit data assimilation
  • Applications: STB and bin-averaging, STB in fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, FlowFit and 3D pressure, VGT, Vortex criteria, dissipation rate 
  • Practices II

Thursday, March 23, 2023 (08:30-17:00)

  • Practices III
  • Technical session - Presentation of PIV/LPT system components
  • Practices IV

Friday, March 24, 2023 (08:30-13:30)

  • Practices V
  • Future Aspects and final discussion


  • Optics: imaging, Laser illumination and light-sheet optics
  • Image capture in wind tunnel: seeding, Laser, illumination optics, triggering, CCD/CMOS recording, calibration, optical distortions, Stereo PIV
  • Image capture for large scale air flows: pulsed LEDs, sCMOS cameras recording, Helium-Filled-Soap-Bubbles, Shake-The-Box
  • Evaluation and post-processing: cross-correlation methods, data validation, data analysis and presentation
  • Density measurements (Background oriented Schlieren - BOS) + PIV/LPT related techniques: high-speed video systems, LED, sequencer technique

Exhibition of manufactures on Thursday, March 23 and Friday, March 24.